Commemorative Mitch Markovitz poster coming soon

Historic Pullman Foundation is pleased to announce that we will unveil a Mitch Markovitz poster commemorating Pullman National Monument and Pullman State Historic Site’s Grand Opening on Grand Opening weekend.

Mitch is a fine artist and professional illustrator who also happens to be a railroader. His love of railways, particularly the South Shore Line interurban, is the wellspring of his extensive art career.

While a locomotive engineer on the South Shore he became its first Art Director, producing posters, timetable art, and the graphic design and control for, color schemes, striping and number boards for the railroad’s passenger cars. He has the distinction of having helped create the subject of his art.

“I learned in reading of my hero, Norman Rockwell, to make a successful painting one must ‘Step across the frame and into the painting.’ I grew up in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago and spent time in Pullman. One of my friends’ fathers was principal of Pullman School. In this work I ‘Stepped across the frame, into the work’ and was able to once again spend time in one of my favorite locations,” said Mitch.

We are thrilled to commission Mitch for this special work. The poster will be available on launch weekend. Poster sale proceeds will benefit Historic Pullman Foundation, continuing our work to preserve and sustain Pullman and its special place in American history. Stay tuned for more details, and look for the poster in our online store after Labor Day!