“This place, historic Pullman, teaches us we have to keep standing firm and together. That’s the story of who we are. That’s the story of our past. And I have no doubt that we will pass the torch from generation to generation so that it is the story of our future as well.”



The Pullman story is an American one, steeped in the resiliency and ingenuity of its people and its built landscape. Its history is dotted with rail movement and civic movements that have shaped the course of American history. But, as former President Obama noted, there is still more work to be done, and the Historic Pullman Foundation sits directly in the center of this monumental work.

The Foundation is committed to telling the stories of Pullman’s past—of industrial innovation, immigration, labor rights, social justice, urban planning, and preservation—all while creating a new forward-looking story. One of creativity, renewal, inclusivity, and physical and social connections. One that pulls the past into the present and ensures that every time someone visits, they will see so many of America’s stories, including their own, in Pullman.

Our Work

In our role as the official Friends Group and Philanthropic Partner for Pullman National Historical Park (PNHP),  we raise funds to support PNHP priorities, augment their programs, and manage volunteers. We also provide support for the Pullman State Historic Site (PSHS). We also continue the role we’ve played since 1973 preserving the buildings, documents and artifacts pertaining to the Pullman story and educating the public on its history.