Pullman Railroad Days event hosts activities for train enthusiasts, families, and everyone between

Historic Pullman Foundation’s May 14-15 celebration will take place at Pullman National Monument

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Historic Pullman Foundation (HPF) is thrilled to host its upcoming event Pullman Railroad Days: People, Progress & Innovation on Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15 at Pullman National Monument.

In partnership with Metra, visitors will be able to explore four historic Pullman Cars from different eras at the 111th Street/Pullman Metra Electric station over the weekend. Included are the 1923 New York Central 3, the 1914 Francis L. Suter, the 1950 Royal Street Observation car, and the final passenger car built by the Pullman-Standard Company in 1981, Amtrak’s George M. Pullman. Saturday only: HPF will feature a Model A car club.

“We are excited and honored to once again host these historic railroad cars at our station that bears the Pullman name,” said Metra CEO/Executive Director Jim Derwinski. “And we’d like to remind everyone that the Metra Electric Line is the fastest and most affordable way to get to Pullman National Monument.”

Attendees will also have first access to the grand opening of “RAILROADERS: Jack Delano’s Homefront Photography” exhibition, organized by the Center for Railroad Photography and Art and Chicago History Museum, opening in the renovated Pullman Exhibit Hall (formerly the shared Visitor Center). The exhibition is a striking visual exploration of the hard work and heroism of railway workers in the yards, on the trains and in the station during World War II and is accompanied by thoughtful biographies and interactive elements. Sunday only: join HPF for Bon French’s Speaker Series event exploring Jack Delano’s historic photographs.

Through a virtual reality experience, hosted by Norfolk Southern, visitors will be able to pop on a pair of VR goggles and see how advanced technology fuels America’s freight railroads. Plus, using a locomotive simulator, learn what skills it takes to operate a railroad locomotive.

With guided tours of the historic Factory Site, Hotel Florence, the neighborhood, and food and entertainment, there will be something for everyone at Pullman Railroad Days. 

“The stories of Pullman are the stories of the American experience,” said Joseph C. Szabo, President of Historic Pullman Foundation. “Pullman Railroad Days is a wonderful opportunity to showcase America’s history of railroad innovation and its stories that remind us why Pullman is so special.”