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Pullman Railroad Days 2022

Saturday, May 14 - 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
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11141 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
Chicago, IL 60628 United States

On May 14-15, Historic Pullman Foundation invites you to join us for an exciting weekend-long celebration of another important Pullman story: railroad innovation and the people who drive it. The weekend will be a mix of free events and a single ticket for entry into others. Find more information and purchase your tickets here.
Experience  the “RAILROADERS- Jack Delano’s Homefront Photography” exhibition, organized by Center for Railroad Photography and Art and Chicago History Museum, opening in the renovated Pullman Exhibit Hall (formerly the shared Visitor Center). The exhibition is a striking visual exploration of the hard work and heroism of railway workers in the yard, on the trains and in the station during World War II and is accompanied by thoughtful biographies and interactive elements. RAILROADERS will run from May 14 through the end of the year.
NEW EVENT ADDITION: Through a virtual reality experience (hosted by our friends at Norfolk Southern), you’ll be able to pop on a pair of VR goggles and see how advanced technology fuels America’s freight railroads. Plus, using a locomotive simulator, learn what skills it takes to operate a railroad locomotive.
Visitors can take a new guided tour of the factory grounds on the State Historic Site that explore railroad innovation through multiple eras, take a guided neighborhood tour or explore Florence Hotel. Enjoy Classic Model A cars (Saturday), a Railroaders lecture by Bon French (Sunday), live music, and food. Plus, experience four historic Pullman Cars from different eras at the 111th Metra station over the weekend. The 1923 NYC 3 will return, along with newcomers, the 1914 Francis L. Suter car, the streamlined 1950 the Royal Street Observation car, and Amtrak’s George M. Pullman.

HPF is seeking volunteers for Pullman Railroad Days, and we need your help! 🤲Follow this link to share your interest and availability. Completing this survey is not a commitment to volunteering. *Volunteers get priority access to the site and the tours*


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11141 S Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago, IL 60628

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