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“This place, historic Pullman, teaches us we have to keep standing firm and together. That’s the story of who we are. That’s the story of our past. And I have no doubt that we will pass the torch from generation to generation so that it is the story of our future as well.” former President Barack Obama, in remarks made Feb. 19, 2015, in Pullman, on the establishment of Pullman National Monument 

Pullman is steeped in the resiliency and ingenuity of its people and built environment. Its history is dotted by rail movements and civic movements that have shaped American history. But, as former President Obama noted, there is still more work to be done.

The Historic Pullman Foundation (HPF) has been preserving Pullman’s architecture and history for almost 50 years, and today our work is expanding: As the official “friends of” group to the Pullman National Monument, HPF creates opportunities for all people to experience and understand the continuing American story that is Pullman. 

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