The spring 2021 issue of Illinois Railway Museum‘s Rail & Wire magazine featured a great read about the history of Pullman and Historic Pullman Foundation, and progress taking place in Pullman in preparation for the Grand Opening of Pullman National Monument and State Historic Site on Labor Day weekend 2021. You can read it here.

Illinois Railway Museum is a wonderful place to visit to learn more about rail transportation and railway history, and to experience a wide range of rail cars. The Museum also describes a variety of historic Pullman rail cars on its website.

Historic Pullman Foundation values our partnership with the Illinois Railway Museum and their role in creating opportunities for people to experience Pullman’s rail-related stories.

Historic Pullman Foundation is pleased to announce that we will unveil a Mitch Markovitz poster commemorating Pullman National Monument and Pullman State Historic Site’s Grand Opening on Grand Opening weekend.

Mitch is a fine artist and professional illustrator who also happens to be a railroader. His love of railways, particularly the South Shore Line interurban, is the wellspring of his extensive art career.

While a locomotive engineer on the South Shore he became its first Art Director, producing posters, timetable art, and the graphic design and control for, color schemes, striping and number boards for the railroad’s passenger cars. He has the distinction of having helped create the subject of his art.

“I learned in reading of my hero, Norman Rockwell, to make a successful painting one must ‘Step across the frame and into the painting.’ I grew up in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago and spent time in Pullman. One of my friends’ fathers was principal of Pullman School. In this work I ‘Stepped across the frame, into the work’ and was able to once again spend time in one of my favorite locations,” said Mitch.

We are thrilled to commission Mitch for this special work. The poster will be available on launch weekend. Poster sale proceeds will benefit Historic Pullman Foundation, continuing our work to preserve and sustain Pullman and its special place in American history. Stay tuned for more details, and look for the poster in our online store after Labor Day!

For folks who call Pullman home, Historic Pullman Foundation is hosting a cook-out in July to learn more about who we are and what we do. Plan to join us on Thursday, July 29, from 6 to 8 p.m., at the Historic Pullman Foundation Shared Visitor Center, 11141 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago, for this free cook-out, where you’ll have the chance to enter a raffle for gift cards if you become an HPF member.

For 48 years we’ve been dedicated to preserving Pullman’s amazing history and architecture through educational programs, exhibits, tours and more. The future is even more exciting as Pullman National Monument prepares for its Labor Day weekend Grand Opening.

We hope you’ll join us to learn more about our work, what differentiates us from other neighborhood organizations such as the Pullman Civic Organization, and how your involvement as an HPF member will help preserve and sustain Pullman’s history for generations to come!

To RSVP, visit or call 773-785-8901 to leave your name, phone number and number of people attending.

“This place, historic Pullman, teaches us we have to keep standing firm and together. That’s the story of who we are. That’s the story of our past. And I have no doubt that we will pass the torch from generation to generation so that it is the story of our future as well.” former President Barack Obama, in remarks made Feb. 19, 2015, in Pullman, on the establishment of Pullman National Monument 

Pullman is steeped in the resiliency and ingenuity of its people and built environment. Its history is dotted by rail movements and civic movements that have shaped American history. But, as former President Obama noted, there is still more work to be done.

The Historic Pullman Foundation (HPF) has been preserving Pullman’s architecture and history for almost 50 years, and today our work is expanding: As the official “friends of” group to the Pullman National Monument, HPF creates opportunities for all people to experience and understand the continuing American story that is Pullman. 

We need your partnership! We invite you to become an HPF member through tax-deductible monthly or annual donations that will play a sustaining role in preserving Pullman’s history. Learn more and become a Member today!

As Chicago and the state re-open, we’re all eager to get out again. Historic Pullman Foundation welcomes you to join us for our First Sunday Walking Tours this summer and fall!

These walking tours of key Pullman sites take place on the first Sunday of each month. Knowledgeable docents walk visitors back in time as they stroll the streets of this unique community, telling the story of the town’s beginnings, its history and the restoration work being done today.

Tickets must be reserved in advance. Visit our Events page to learn more and sign up!

Historic Pullman Foundation is pleased to share the announcement that the Grand Opening of Pullman National Monument and State Historic Site will take place on Labor Day Weekend 2021!

We are helping to prepare for a weekend full of activities that will welcome visitors to Pullman. Planned events on Saturday and Sunday, September 4 and 5, include timed tours of the Visitor Center and Hotel Florence, interpretive programming, live music, and food trucks. Scheduled are the Jesse White Tumblers, and partner-led activities including a car caravan organized by the Pullman Civic Organization, the Urban Renaissance festival at the A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum, self-guided walking tours of the neighborhood, and more. Stay tuned for more details as they become available!