A special thanks to our Membership Drive Cookout volunteers and attendees

Historic Pullman Foundation had an enthusiastic turnout for our Membership Drive Cookout Event July 29th. Thanks to all of our Pullman neighbors and friends for coming out and supporting us by becoming new members or renewing your memberships! We raised over $1,600, which will help HPF to continue offering the many programs, exhibits, tours and events that make Pullman such a special place. And sincere thanks to HPF President Joseph Szabo and David and Maria Hibbs, HPF Board member, for generously matching the event’s membership drive totals!

A successful membership drive wouldn’t be possible without our many dedicated volunteers, guest speakers and all around helpers who made it happen. Thanks to Cindy McMahon and Jimmy Badali for leading off the event, purchasing the food, and making sure everything was ready. Thanks to our grill master and servers Fernando Rosiquez and Claudia Flores. And an extra thank you to Claudia for printing our many event flyers!

Thanks to our speakers for a great program: HPF Interim Executive Director Julian Jackson, past HPF President Mike Shymanski, Pullman National Monument Superintendent Teri Gage, and HPF Board President Joseph Szabo. Thanks to HPF Membership Committee Chair Maria Hibbs & committee members Jeanne Schulman, Kathy McDonough, Marsha Adduci & Ruth Lopez. Thanks to Board Member Laura Ruiz-Stephan for assisting our Spanish-speaking neighbors and to her grandchildren Adrian and Fiona for helping out with our raffle drawing.

Thanks to Method Products & Richard’s Super Premium Ice Cream for donating raffle prizes and to our HPF membership committee for donating gift cards from Lexington Betty Smokehouse & Potbelly Sandwich Shop. Congrats to our raffle prize winners Kayla Chase, Mary Mauritz, Lilia Cadena, Regina Hightower and Melinda Moore. It was a fun time for all!

We thank the volunteers whose names we may have missed and all who came out to support us! And if you were unable to attend, you can always become a member or donate to the Historic Pullman Foundation on our website.